Easiest Animals

Sometimes an up and coming farmer will want to start a new project but may not have the time to be too committed. If this is the case they might consider utilising some of the more easy animal types available. There is a great variety to choose from.

Chickens are a very popular option. If a farmer has enough of them they can make a high profit. Chickens are farmed for both their meat and eggs. They do not ned much roaming space and raising them is fairly simple. Readers can use the site Wikipedia to learn about the numerous predators of chickens. That way they can better protect them with high quality fencing systems.

Goats are revered within the farming community thanks to their hard nature. They serve a number of purposes including clearing patches of land. Whilst not everyone is a fan of goat meat their milk is highly sought after. It can be used to make popular cheeses.

In recent years beekeeping has become more mainstream. Honey farms have managed to find a lucrative niche. Even if the beekeeper does not sell it they could consume the honey themselves. These insects are independent for the most part. The farmer will need to sporadically visit the hive and split it for crowding purposes.

Rabbits are often considered wild creatures. However, if the farmer wants to raise something small they may consider these animals. They require very little attention compared to other popular species. Rabbits are also well known for their breeding abilities. Consequently, the farm can expand fairly quickly.

Some people may be put off by pigs because they consider them to be dirty creatures. However, the reality is quite different. Whilst pigs roll around in mud to cool down they are exceptionally clean. Farmers can feed them a variety of foods such as corn, fodder and compost. This is in contrast to alternative species which are much more picky about what they eat. The farmer can decide whether they want to raise pigs on an organic sustainable diet. If so they will likely be worth more at markets.

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