Farm Films

Since the very creation of moving pictures farm animals have been portrayed. In fact, some film scholars cite footage of a running horse as the first ever example of a movie. Over the years a wide range of cinematic genres have been set on farms.

Whilst some movies feature action packed showdowns the ones about farm life tend to be more understated. The main exception is westerns. These films are sometimes about characters trying to transport cattle across harsh environments. Other times there may be shootouts on a farm.

The Wizard of the Oz is arguably the most famous farm film. Life in this setting is depicted as drab thanks to a sepia colour palette. The main character’s life only becomes more colourful when she leaves the farm.

Farms are often used as the setting for horror films. For example, in Signs a family is terrorised by aliens hiding in crop fields. Occasionally farm animals themselves are turned into movie monsters. This has occurred in Black Sheep and Isolation. However, these environments can also be places where magic and romance blossom. Farms are extremely versatile places for filmmakers to utilise.

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